Giving Back to the Community

October 4th, 2016

North West Rubber is a firm believer in giving back to its community and helping develop, nwr-playfall-58 grow and contribute where they can. This past summer North West Rubber teamed up with Gladwin Child Care Centre in Abbotsford to complete a full playground flooring installation with its PlayFall line of products.

This was a hands on community project where nwr-playfall-42various partners were brought on board to complete the install. RecTec Industries, a long standing partner of NWR’s, contributed their expertise, time and skills to ensure everything went smoothly and was completed on time. Diamond Delivery, another long term partner of NWR’s, generously provided free shipping of the tile products to the job site.

nwr-playfall-53 In addition, team members of North West Rubber and volunteers from the local community rolled up their sleeves and took part by installing the playground tiles themselves. With much hard work and perseverance the install took just over two days to complete. The group was tired by the end of the job, but felt truly gratified in what they accomplished as a team and what they were able to give back to the many children of this centre that would utilize this playground for years to come.

North West Rubber is thrilled to be able to give back to the communities in which we live and work. The Gladwin Childcare Centre does some amazing work and we are happy to help them out in this small way!— {CEO of NWR | Leighton Friesen}