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Home Page: Northwest Rubber SportFloor – Rubber Flooring solutions for recreational applications

About Sport Floor: Northwest Rubber is one of the largest rubber mat manufacturers in the world

SportFloor Products – Rubber flooring solutions for weight rooms, ice rinks, multi-purpose rooms, fitness rooms, retail fitnessindoor tracks

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Rubber Flooring Resources


  1. Weight Rooms Flooring Brochure (pdf)
  2. Ice Rinks Flooring Brochure (pdf)
  3. Multi Purpose Flooring Brochure (pdf)
  4. Indoor Track Flooring Brochure (pdf)

Environmental Stewardship:  All of the rubber products manufactured by North West Rubber are 100% recyclable

Social Responsibility

Weight Room Flooring – rubber flooring for weight rooms

  1. Stamina weight room flooring
  2. Stamina Installation Manual (pdf)
  3. Stamina Technical Data (pdf)
  4. Stamina Warranty (pdf)
  5. Stamina Maintenance Manual (pdf)
  6. ProXL weight room flooring
  7. ProXL Installation Manual (pdf)
  8. ProXL Technical Data (pdf)
  9. ProXL Warranty (pdf)
  10. ProXL Maintenance Manual (pdf)
  11. ReAction weight room flooring
  12. ReAction Installation Manual (pdf)
  13. ReAction Technical Data (pdf)
  14. ReAction Warranty (pdf)
  15. ReAction Maintenance Manual (pdf)
  16. Starlight weight room flooring
  17. Starlight Installation Manual (pdf)
  18. Starlight Technical Data (pdf)
  19. Starlight Warranty (pdf)
  20. SportTrax indoor running track flooring
  21. SportTrax Installation Manual (pdf)
  22. SportTrax Technical Data (pdf)
  23. SportTrax Warranty (pdf)
  24. SportTrax Maintenance Manual (pdf)

Ice Rink Flooring – rubber flooring for ice rinks

Multi Purpose Flooring – rubber flooring for multi purpose rooms used for basketball, volleyball or exercise

Fitness Room Flooring – rubber flooring for fitness and training facilities

Retail Fitness Flooring – retail rubber flooring

Indoor Track Flooring – rubber flooring for indoor walking, running or jogging tracks

CSI Specifications

  1. CSC 09650 ReAction Specifications
  2. CSC 09650 ProXL Specifications
  3. CSC 09650 Stamina Specifications
  4. CSC 09650 SportTrax Specifications
  5. CSI 09650 Starlight Specifications